Bioreactor Control Tracking System

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Bioreactor Control and Tracking System
Algae Growing System

Carbon Dioxide Supply(CO2),  
Air Supply and Control, 
Sampling and Feeding, 
Peristaltic Liquid Dosing, 
Precise Light Intensity Control, 
Computerized Control, 
Pneumatic Circuits, 
Temperature Measurement and Control, 
Creating a Time-Based Scenario, 
Bioreactor Software,                   
Length 36 cm, Width 36 cm, Height 15 cm

Inland Waters Biology, Aquatic Sciences,  Algae Growing Bioreactor Systems, It is specially designed for the customer and manufactured accordingly,  ıt can have the desired properties. 

To write an example scenario;
1. During the installation of the system, peristaltic pumps and light-temperature sensors that will enter the reactors will be integrated into the reactors by our company.
2. Integration of the gas cycle system into the reactors to be purchased will be provided by us.
3. The gas cycle will cover all equipment for each reactor.
4. Necessary equipment will be provided to combine different types of gases to be used in each reactor.
5. Necessary equipment to collect the waste gases of the reactors and to carry them out will be supplied by us.
6. Precise flow rate adjustment will be possible at gas and liquid inlets and outlets. It can be set as a constant flow.
7. All gas conversion apparatus will be able to work with carbon dioxide. It will be made of acid resistant material.
8. The temperature in each reactor will be readable by computer control.
9. All temperature sensors will be insulated and can operate in wet environments.
10. The system is guaranteed by our company.
13. The computer will be portable in accordance with ergonomic use in the laboratory environment.
14. The laptop will have the desired operating system.
15. Each reactor in the system will have lighting. These lightings will be both computer-controlled and manually adjustable.
16. Lighting color can be selected.
17. The light intensity for each reactor can be adjusted via software.
18. There will be a peristaltic pump on each reactor and the pump can be operated both manually and with computer control.
19. The pumps will be able to work in two directions.  It can be used to sample or add feed from reactors.
20. All software to be used in the reactor or to be used in the future will be added to the system during the support period.
21. Software; It will record the variables such as temperature, light intensity and pumped fluid amount to be measured and controlled depending on time.
22. Light intensity and pump controls will create scenarios based on time.

What is a Bioreactor?

Microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, algae, cyanobacteria etc. It is a container containing biological material.  The events taking place in this volume are observed within certain parameters. The data obtained as a result of research carried out in various laboratories are recorded.